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Client: HSBC | 2021 | Black History Month Global Campaign

Featured in: Creativepool | Mediashotz | Marketing Comm News | Little Black Book | Creative Salon

Draped in the vibrant hues of Shweshwe, Aso oke, and Ankara, we revel in the richness of six fabrics weaving tales from African and Caribbean cultures.

To show our deep belief in the Black Lives Movement, HSBC is celebrating part of the richness of black culture by showcasing African and Caribbean patterns. Painstakingly woven into every stitch and every pattern, the scale of the skills passed down from generation to generation in these textiles is truly breathtaking. Typically, there is something for everyone in this truly inclusive artform, such as the incorporation of the ancient art of Batik from Java in Ankara fabrics, or even the tropical adaption of Scottish tartan in the creation of cool Madras check. And through the likes of Kente cloth, secret messages, storytelling and historical record have been woven within the weft and the warp. Whether it’s the protective powers of Bogolan, or the wealth and status associated with Asa oke, or even the swish-swish sounds of young brides wearing Shweshwe, there is nothing that better embodies black identity, creativity and inclusivity than these vibrant, complex, beguiling fabrics. Every time a garment made from these textiles is worn, the wearer is proudly wrapping themselves in cultures and traditions that bring the entire human race together in one incredibly rich, diverse tapestry. 


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